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Online SLP PE Passport

An online version of your PE Passport.

  1. Get an online version of your PE Passport

    • Sign up to create an online version of your SLP PE Passport and keep track of which events you have attended. Contact to add your existing stamps to your online version.

  2. Accumulate your stamps

    • Attend an event to earn points

      Get 1 Stamps

    • Sign up to the site

      Get 1 Stamps

  3. Compete with other schools to be crowned the winner of the SLP PE Passport

    Sports training

    2021/22 Results


    1st:  St Pats Consett (9 points)

    =2nd:  Bishop Ian Ramsey (8pts)

    =2nd:  East Stanley School (8pts)


    =1st:  Consett Junior School (15pts)

    =1st:  Greenland Community Primary School (15pts)

    3rd:  Bishop Ian Ramsey (13pts)

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